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(TMZ) - Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry -- rock god, and hardcore scofflaw ... after bombing the band's logo on a building without the owner's consent ... all for a guerrilla marketing campaign.

TMZ has obtained photos and video taken very early Thursday morning of Perry tagging the wall of a production studio in downtown Los Angeles.

Sources tell TMZ Perry contacted a local graffiti artist named RISK to scout locations where they could plaster the Aerosmith logo and "Let Rock Rule" ... the name of their upcoming tour.

Problem is it caused a major issue for the owner of the building -- who tells TMZ they were slated to do a photo shoot on the wall Perry defaced.  

The owner says he's a big Aerosmith fan so he's not pressing charges -- but he had no idea about Perry's tagging mission ... and was forced to push back their client's shoot so they could paint over the wall ASAP (below).

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ if Perry is caught in the act -- marketing or not -- he will be arrested for vandalism.

TMZ reached out to Perry ... and in true rockstar fashion he said, "let the music do the talking."