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When Peter Frampton says photography isn't allowed at his concerts, he means it. 

OnStage Magazine says the rocker ended up taking matters into his own hands at show in Carmel, Indiana over the weekend, when one couple refused to follow the policy. 

The concertgoers reportedly spent much of the show in the front row snapping flash photos and filming the performance, despite Frampton's obvious gestures to them to stop.  The reviewer says Peter became so frustrated at one point that he turned his back to the audience, and toward the end of the show he finally put an end to the distraction. 

Frampton reportedly approached the couple and asked to see their photos.  When the man gave Peter his phone the guitarist hurled the device toward the back of the stage, and the crowd "erupted in cheers." 

Frampton's next show will be in Benton Harbor, Michigan Thursday night.

Photo: Getty Images