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The Faces reunion for 2015 appears to be back on.  Drummer Kenney Jones tells he's been talking to Ron Wood and Rod Stewart's people about getting The Faces back together next year. 

Late last year Stewart mentioned that plans were in the works for a 2015 Faces tour, which sparked the ire of keyboardist Ian McLagan.  He shot down the idea, saying he and Jones were already committed to celebrating The Small Faces 50th anniversary next year. 

But Jones says Mac is now on board for a Faces reunion as well.  He explains that McLagan wasn't aware the others were discussing the idea when Stewart went public with their plans.  He adds that there was "nothing intentional" about Stewart's premature announcement, and Rod didn't know McLagan wasn't in the loop yet. 

Jones also says he's glad the original surviving members of The Faces are getting back together once again.  He explains that the band "never finished on a good note" when they split up in 1975, and "it would be nice" to change that. 

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